Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Stone Roses, Live 1995.

The Stone Roses, Rockgarden Live, 1995.

Great set from the Stone Roses. While it's not my personal ideal setlist, I must say this is about as good quality a live set that I've heard from these guys. Peep it if you're a Rosemin.

Tracklisting: I Wanna Be Adored, She Bangs The Drums, Waterfall, Ten Storey Love Song, Daybreak, Break Into Heaven, Your Star Will Shine, Tightrope, Love Spreads, Made Of Stone, I Am The Ressurection.

Minor Threat, Live 5-2-83

Minor Threat, Live At The Jockey Club, 5/2/83.

Good quality, 17 song set from my favorite hardcore band. I don't have the song titles in front of me (cd is packed away) but if you're nabbing this you undoubtedly know the songs. I think this club was in Kentucky, if I remember correctly. Moving tomorrow so if I get my stuff unpacked within a reasonable amount of time I'll update the info.

Placebo, Live 2006

Placebo Live, La Cigale, Paris 6/3/06.

Awesome quality set from the "Meds" tour. This was recorded and broadcast on French radio (at least I'm assuming it was, based on the French dude who speaks between songs). One of my favorite current bands.

Tracklisting: Intro, Meds, Infra-red, Drag, Space Monkey, Because I Want You, Follow The Cops Back Home, Black Eyed, Post Blue, Song To Say Goodbye, Blind, The Bitter End, Running Up That Hill, Special K.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oasis, Live 1994.

This live Oasis set is EXCELLENT. Great quality and great songs.

Oasis - Bring It On Down
Tracks 1 - 12 Live at The Civic Hall, Wolverhampton 11.12.94
Track 13 Live at From The Royal Albert Hall, London 4.6.94 14
Track 15 1993 Demos

1.Rock 'n' roll star.
3.Digsy's dinner.
5.Bring it on down.
6.Up in the sky.
7.Slide away.
8.Cigarettes and alcohol.
9.Married with children.
10.Sad song.
12.I am the Walrus.
13.Live forever.
14.Cigarettes and alcohol.
15.Live forever.